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About Us

Established in 2004, Star Kids Nursery opts to give your child the best care and love they deserve outside their home.

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Our Values

Your child’s health and security is our priority. Our learning programs are fun and educational. We welcome children from the ages of 40 days to 4 years old.

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Our Menu

All our healthy meals are prepared in our clean and disinfected kitchen. The menu is designed to accommodate the fussiest eaters with the freshest ingredients.

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What makes us unique

We are proud to be members of the Syndicate of Nurseries Owner in Lebanon.
As well, We are always striving at bringing in new educational material
from international schools to keep us up to date and with the times.

Our Curriculum

Foreign Languages

Star Kids Nursery’s curriculum teaches in English and French.


We focus on building your child’s motor skills, personality and academics.

Preparation to school

Your child is prepped for the advancement into school with the advantage of knowledge already learned.

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Why Us?

Star Kids Nursery has a loving, caring and nurturing environment. We believe that our nursery
is also about bonding a partnership between parents and teachers so that the child will feel
they are entering their second home.